About Me


I'm Nigel, born in December 1981, lived my childhood in St. Julian's; married Tiziana in 2005 and blessed with a daughter Martina in 2009.

I started photography as a hobby, bought my first SLR in 2014. Shortly after, I attended a course with the aim of learning how to operate a camera. Literally, I was like an 18 year old driving a car for the first time. After some lectures, I got the grasp of it, and understood the basics of how to manage the equipment, and fundamentals of photography.

In January 2015, my cousin Keith Ellul called to ask me if I wanted to make and early rise in the morning the next day to shoot sunrise. My answer was a straight yes. I felt lucky going out to shoot with whom I consider the best landscape and seascape photographer on the island. That was it! I never looked back. Today, I no longer consider photography as a hobby, maybe not yet a passion, but definitely something which motivates me.

Yes, sometimes photography can be cruel, especially getting up very early in the morning and finding out that you don't have all the elements and conditions to produce a good shot. 

I created this space to challenge myself and keep being motivated. My ambition is to keep this space live with new shots and experiences. Yes, it's quite a challenge considering the hectic life we are living, but perseverance, energy and passion will make it happen.