Focus / by Nigel Spiteri

Shot using iPhone 8 plus - HD

In life, whatever we do, or plan to do has a destination, failure, the norm/expected outcome or a successful impact, a legacy.

As human beings, we dream a lot of doing things, projects, wishes and much more. This is naturally very common, however what differs from one person to another is what to do when you wake up from the dream. Do you want to continue living the experience, or do you want to accept that it was just a dream and its over....gone...maybe forever? Let's be honest, at times we dream big, and such wishes, projects will never materialise. However, it is only this way, to dream big, that you can pursue your ambitions and to put into practice those little, or massive projects you have ever dreamt of. A subsequent stage will be focus, cultivating the dream, putting all bits and pieces together, fragmenting the timeline into a manageable manner, and setting the goal in a realistic but monitored timeframe. 

Today, together with my cousin we went for our usual morning shoot. The mood of the sky was not in sync with what I had in mind, in fact I was a bit distracted and nervous, holding my camera trying to find a good composition for my shot. I tried hard, without success. Feeling switched-off, I decided to try a composition, and without the usual enthusiasm, I pressed the shutter button. Whilst waiting for my three minutes exposure, and accepting the fact that the circumstances were not as I wished for, I decided to look around and focus on other potential opportunities. 

On my right, just few meters away I observed a particular movement of the sea waves, hitting and covering the rocks in a spectacular manner. I immediately packed my gear and moved to this new spot, from there it was the usual ritual, compose, camera settings, and bingo, the shot was so easy to take. 

Today I reiterated my thoughts, that whenever you are focused, away from distractions, having goals set and fully determined, results will come, and dreams will come into reality!