Embrace / by Nigel Spiteri

Shot using iphone 8 - Person in image, Keith Ellul www.keithellul.com

Shot using iphone 8 - Person in image, Keith Ellul www.keithellul.com

Woke up this morning at 5am, I was tired, have tried to find an excuse not to get out of bed; finally I decided to move on, prepared my gear and left home for another try to capture the magical moment.

Together with my cousin & friends, we headed to Mistra with the intention of going down to Selmun, opposite St. Paul's Island. On our way driving to location, we looked at the sky and it was still pitch dark, however we noticed a massive amount of clouds which indicated that it is going to be a promising morning.

Arrived on location around 6.15am, we trekked for 25mins to go down to Selmun, we had enough time to scout and find a composition. Everyone had high-hopes and we felt that this is going to be one of the most promising mornings we have ever experienced. After a few minutes scouting, we have set our tripods and cameras, and waited for the magic to begin. Few minutes before sunrise, the sky was blue accompanied by grey clouds, giving that punch which makes the image effective.

I started to take my first test shots, composition was right, decided to go for a 2.5 seconds exposure to maintain movement in the sea waves and to have definition in the image. Just before sunrise, the sky over St. Paul's Island was turning in red, embracing the blue & grey. The magic started, the scene was phenomenal, I struggled to keep focused on taking the shot, was tempted to stop and observe that magical moment that it's hard to explain.

Sunrise shoot is always a great start to the day, however's today's experience was a memorable one which will treasure for long.