Another weekend gone.... / by Nigel Spiteri


Photography season for landscape and seascape work has just started. I cannot complain much because recently I have produced some good work, however this weekend I cannot say that I am satisfied and fulfilled photography-wise.

On Saturday, together with my cousin Keith we went to 'Tal-Hamrija', further down from 'Hagar Qim' temples. This place is phenomenal, beautiful views, open surroundings and peaceful - away from the usual busy surroundings. To get to this place, you have to trek roughly 1.4Km.....


Although this place has a lot of photographic potential, I always struggle to find a good composition. Maybe it's because I am lost in enjoying this special place, admiring the calmness and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, my main objective is to go home with a good shot, but even if I don't, the fact that I visit these places, is already a good reason to wake up so early in the morning!

On Sunday, it was my second attempt to go and shoot. Unfortunately, this time it was a bit worse, because I left my gear in the car, purposely! We headed to 'Zonqor Point', although it was windy, which created a very angry and rough sea, clouds disappeared from the sky, making it uninteresting. Even this time, although camera was left cosy in the car, I really enjoyed watching the big waves coming in hitting the rocks, whilst I had a good chat with my cousin Keith and my friend Charles.

Another weekend gone, no images produced, but it was still worth waking up early in the morning for such great experiences.