MY FIRST BLOG POST / by Nigel Spiteri


I've been dreaming of doing my blog for long, finally I've decided that my platform for this should be photography.

When I go shooting, usually on a public holiday or a weekend, I try to unwind from the daily clutter and look for peaceful moments and experiences which ultimately translate into an image. Producing a good shot is a joy, a bonus for the weekend, I return home filled with energy, happiness and motivation.

I do believe that sharing your work with the world is of an enormous importance, in fact I have decided to go live with this space. At times there will be instances where you regret showcasing your work, for many reasons, but I still believe that when you put everything in the balance, sharing your work is essential.

Nowadays, we live in a world where social media is not important, but close to inevitable! Such medium will definitely build a profile, an impression of your work to the world!